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Well not this week

11 May

The results for Challenge 1 of NKOTB8 came out just a few minutes ago and while I am sad not to have been in the top 10 I can see for myself that through those six layouts I did I can proudly say I have improved


Loving You - True Original

May Kiwi Laptop Crop Review

7 May

Yesterday was great and I have a few photos and layouts to prove it.


May Laptop Crop Participants


I completed 2 layouts which I thought was amazing and here they are




and I also completed my circle journal page

Life is…

The best part of the whole day was meeting everyone who knew what you were talking about or stuck on. Thanks Fiona (honeymoon) for the free digi page kit coupon (It means a lot to someone who only has freebies)

.It looks like the next one will be in August and I truly can’t wait for it


Edited to add: Here is a layout of some of the photo’s of the crop

Random Thoughts


Why I Love to Scrapbook

2 May

Here are a couple of versions of the layout about why I love scrapbooking for the West Coast Chat at DSP.
Why I Love to Scrapbook

Why I Love To Scrapbook

New Kids On The Block

2 May

I am participating in a competition called New Kids On The Block

I am participating in a digital competition at the moment – It comprises of many challenges each three weeks long. I will be posting the creations on here as well and would appreciate as much feedback as possible. Please note there may be several versions of the same challenge in my gallery.

This is a little more about the challenges
kay – you know you’re a New Kid, so you’re thinking about signing up for the New Kids on the Block challenge.

But what exactly are you getting yourself into?

New Kids consists of 3 weekly challenges. Each week you’ll be given the required kit(s) generously donated by our talented designers! and told of any other requirements. For example, you may be given a kit and a font and the other requirements say that you must add a 2nd kit and may add a 2nd font. Or you’ll get a page kit and an overlay kit and the extra requirements are no recoloring and emphasis given to journaling. I try to come up with new combinations each time{g}

You then have a week to create your layout. You are allowed, no – you are greatly encouraged, to post consecutive versions of your layout, asking for constructive criticism and making changes as you go. This is the most important part of New Kids – as you read the suggestions from your fellow scrappers you begin to look at your layouts with a new eye, and start to understand why some layouts just sing. Now, you do not need to follow every single suggestion, but trying them out, or even just thinking about them may give you a new approach. And don’t be shy about commenting on other layouts. You can always pass on useful advice you’ve been given, and the process of analyzing someone else’s layout will sharpen your eye for your own work. (I’ve learned so much from offering other people constructive criticism!)

By the end of the week, you move your final version into the judging gallery. After that, the designers, moderators and selected advanced scrappers will judge them. This usually takes 3 days. I’ll post the Top Ten and Emma will collect info to distribute prizes.

We do this 3 times, and then I calculate the Overall Winners and we announce them at a chat. Thrown in along the way are extra challenges – write a review, add keywords and link to the donated kits, comment like crazy – that will give out prizes at random to those who participate.

I’m in a CJ group

2 May

The layouts that are being produced by the other 5 members make mine look like they are from an amateur but that is ok as I am enjoying myself and i’m sure the others are too

I could be a Star Gazer

1 May

at – I have applied for their Digital Creative Team (Doesn’t hurt to try!!!)

Here is the info if you are interested:

Scrap Galaxy currently is accepting applications for our Creative Team.

This is a GREAT and exciting opportunity to be a part of something fresh and big.

We are looking for creative and dedicated people who have experience with digital Scrapbooking and/ or other aspects of digital design.

What’s Involved in Being a Scrap Galaxy Creative Team Member:

* We ask that the members of the Design Team be willing to agree to at least a six month commitment.

* We are looking for people who can help with the overall look and design of the Scrap Galaxy website – offering suggestions and fresh ideas to keep the site looking its best.

* We expect that you actively participate on message boards and in the gallery to help grow the community. This is an important factor in determining the Creative Team. We want to add Designers who speak highly of Scrap Galaxy, promote our website and support a positive company image.

* We ask that you use your SG blinkie in other galleries and forums that you participate in, and also use Scrap Galaxy in your signature line. Please get the word out to others in other scrapbook related forums, Yahoo or MSN Group. This can be a simple, “Have you seen what’s new at”, “Did you see my layout”.?” Be sure to include a full link back to the site so people can find what you are talking about easily. Please add Creative Team Member for in your signature line when possible.

* Other duties we may ask of CT members: help us in designing new banners and blinkies for the site, designing printables and digital elements and creating basic digital Scrapbooking tutorials.

* Must be 18 years or older.

SG Creative Team Application Guidelines:

* Applications are open to everyone. International applicants are welcome
* Previous creative team experience is not required.
* Please send an email to both & with a short bio, how much experience you have with digital design, what kind of software you use, and a link to your gallery if you have one.

Perks for SG Creative Team members:

* Fun Team to work with
* Cute blinkie for your siggie
*Private forum to chat about anything
*Add credit to your resume
*Team experience
*Free Digital Elements to design with from our Guest Designers

Ok Sneak Peak Time

1 May

After a request or two here is the edited version of the ATC I have created for the Kiwi Laptop Crop.